Galena Hops Pellets 1 oz


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Ever popular Galena hops were first developed from an open pollination of Brewer’s Gold by the USDA breeding program in Idaho and released commercially in 1978. This bittering hop also offers a touch of aromatics in the form of spicy black currant and citrusy notes. 
With an alpha acid range of about 11% to 14%, Galena is possibly the most commonly used bittering hop in the U.S. This high alpha hop works wonders in brews like IPAs, Stouts, Brown Ales, and Pales. Galena tends to be consistently available due to its wide domestic usage from commercial, craft, and home brewers. However, if you did want a substitution, feel free to try out CTZ or Brewer’s Gold in place of Galena. Get a taste of this hop in commercial brews like Kona Brewing Co.’s Fire Rock Pale Ale or the Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout from Stone Brewing Co.