We swap Co2 and Nitrogen tanks in a variety of sizes (sizes and prices listed below). We DO NOT fill tanks, we only do swaps. We are stocked by our supplier on Fridays, we occasionally run out on Thursdays so please do call ahead if you are coming on a Thursday. If you are interested in Dip Tube tanks or other special items such Oxygen Tanks please call ahead to discuss, we can order these items with a couple days notice.

We also stock 60L Sodastream Co2 canisters.

We DO NOT ship Co2 or Nitro tanks – Store pickup only!

Tank Type and SizeExchange CostNew Tank Cost(comes full)
2.5lb Co2$16$135
5lb Co2$22$135
10lb Co2$28$200
20lb Co2$43$235
35lb Co2$60N/A
50lb Co2$70N/A
20cf Nitro$42$138
40cf Nitro$49$209
60L SodaStream$15$30
RECERT FEE$25Any tank that has not been certified in the last 5 years can only be accepted with a $25 charge for the recertification fee