Store Closing Announcement

It’s been our pleasure to serve all of the wonderful customers who have come through our doors since 2009 when the homebrew store first opened in Kenton and since the current owners took over The Homebrew Exchange and Arbor Beer Lodge. 

In the past two years we’ve seen strong and continuous growth of the Brewery/Taproom side of our business, especially as it relates to events. In order to maximize the potential of Arbor Beer Lodge, it’s become clear that we need to increase the footprint of our space. In order to achieve this goal we have decided that The Homebrew Exchange will close permanently on or before Sunday October, 29th.

We will continue to stock ingredients throughout the remaining time we are open, and we’ll be happy to work with you on custom orders for anything else. 

We are also kicking off a liquidation sale that includes 20% off everything but grains(whole/lme/dme), hops, yeast and CO2. Come on in and use those loyalty points and gift cards.

We’re hoping to continue to host a monthly home brew night if we can find someone in the community who would like to take on the organization of it. Let us know if you are interested. 

We hope we can help stock you up for a brew day one last time. Whatever supplies you purchase will contribute to the next iteration of Arbor Beer Lodge. Stay hydrated and continue experimenting with fermentation! 

Peter, James, Dylan, and Danny

*PS! We’re going to continue to do CO2 refills – More details to come on that!